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Bill Maher has a new movie, soon to be released, called Religulous, where he will harangue and skewer bible believing christians, judaists, and all who deny that darwinian evolution is scientifically viable.  So look for Bill to have not much science, but lots of “laughs,” as he will do his schtickt which has won the hearts and minds of HBO and much of its audience.  Bill will no doubt say that creationists are fools because they don’t believe in evolution, but we do believe in evolution, per se, the natural selection within the respective gene pools of the biblical syngameons (kinds) of animals, but not that goo morphed into you as darwinists’ opine, because Bill will undoubtedly at least try to relate to those who will choose to witness his cimematic anti christian tirade at a theatre near you.

Hey Bill, read the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see that there are alot of great reasons to believe the Bible, all of it, and then we can discuss it on your tv show, maybe with Ben Stein (with his new release Expelled), and atheist cause-celeb Christopher Hitchens along with us.  It would be a great show, and I bet those guys would like to participate, so let’s proceed with an on-air discussion, to see who’s funnier.  Listen to my live call-in radio show at noon (c.s.t) Saturdays on, and certainly please refer to

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