Radio Gawds Walton and Johnson AM Radio KPRC 950 Houston Barack Obama Says “Get Her Done” Campaign Chant from Larry the Cable Guy’s “Git ‘er Dun” Southern Texas Style Language Calculated Buzz Words from Deval Patrick?

With Obama busted for his copycatting of Deval Patrick’s line about that words do in fact mean something, words such as “I have a dream,” and “all men are created equal,” now look for Obama to perhaps go to Larry the Cable Guy’s line as a new campaign chant, “get her done, get her done.”  Of course, and unfortunately, Barack would not say it “git ‘er dun,” like Larry, he’d say it “get her done,” like the Harvard educated lawyer which he is, but nonetheless, it would appeal to the conservative Democrats in Texas to some degree, acknowledging the rural white guys and gals of the electorate.

The “radio gawds” Walton and Johnson of KPRC 950 am radio Houston were talking about this as I was driving this morning, funny stuff, check ’em out between 6am 12 noon on the weekdays, for a refreshingly honest, not politically correct, look at America today, with very great wit and sense of humor, funny stuff, like some very funny guys in your living room.  And for some ancient history which might greatly surprise you, particularly if you are a blinded bibliophobe dogged specious darwinism then checkout, the science of the future, old school man.

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