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I was watching Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” on TV last night; he was interviewing Reza Sala, an ex Shiite Muslim from Iran, who now is a Christian, broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ into Iran via satellite (one of the show’s he broadcasts is Sid’s excellent show, check it out).  Reza says that over the last three years about a million Shiite Muslims have accepted Jesus as Savior; doctors, lawyers, clerics, policemen, factory workers, housewives, you name it, all through satellite broadcasts viewed in the privacy of their own homes.

And christian satellite broadcasts are beaming into many other closed societies throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world, the last great tool to “preach the Gospel in all the world,” bypassing the strictures of the closed societies against Christianity by using the airwaves from satellites to preach the Gospel right into the living rooms of these oppressed people, so let’s support these efforts, these people deserve to hear the Gospel too!  See

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