Aztlan John/Juan McCain Arizona and Reconquista Movement Advocate Juan Hernandez Republica Del Norte Ignorant of Chilam Balam and Popol Vu Atlantis was Aztlan (Atland) Atlantida Atlantika Atlantioi Avalon Attala Atlas Mountains Many Nationalities Olmec (Manding) Frisian (Dutch) Tharsin (Spanish) Fir Mairhuak (Formorians) and Basque Ancient Cultures Vague as Canaanite Roots in Holy Land for Specious Land Rights Claims

Presidential candidate Juan McCain, and Juan Hernandez, advocates for illegal immigration, have teamed up for Aztlan Juan’s run for the U.S. presidency.  Juan Hernandez is an outspoken advocate for that the “Republica del Norte,” the U.S. southwest, will become political Aztlan, because supposedly, the ancient Mexican homeland was there, which is unadulterated bull crap, as you shall see here, and as you read further under the category Atlantis Revealed.  The Juans should consult the ancient Mexican books the Popol Vu and the Chilam Balam, to see that the ancients said that their ancestors had sailed from across the eastern ocean, the Atlantic, from Atlantis, named after Atlas, the map man, based in the Atlas Mountain region, near Gibraltar.

Much of the Atlantean Empire, Aztlan/Atlan, was consumed by the sea when the Ice Age ended, with many submerged megalithic ruins sites now found on the shallow seafloor in the Gibraltar region; Bronze Age ruins which were inundated when the Ice Age ended for sea level to rise a few hundred feet, engulfing about 25 million square miles of land, with many Ice Age coastal cities having gone under as a result, many of them along the eastern Atlantic and in the Mediterranean, so read on about them under category Submerged Ruins here, and in my second book Ice Age Civilizations.

If the Team Juan would look at the ancient statues from Mexico, they would see that Africans, Orientals, and Caucasians were the earliest settlers, with the “brown race,” as the Juan’s like to call it, not being reflected in the ancient statuary at all, so they have their geography wrong, and their genetics wrong, in saying that Aztlan consisted of “brown/bronze” people in the southwestern U.S., whereas, the real Atlantis, of the eastern Atlantic, is known to the Dutch as Atland, to the Basque Spaniards as Atlantika, and to the Gibraltar Spaniards as Atlantida, with the Berbers of northwest Africa remembering it as Attala, so you can see that “brown people” do not have a monopoly on claims to Atlan as homeland, because Atlantis was a maritime empire, with many port cities, not the desert southwest of the U.S., as trumpeted by the politically ambitious Juan McCain, who is eager to capitalize on the fallacious history of Juan Hernandez’ Aztlan to become the hero of the illegal aliens, in compromising our sovereignty.

Ancient Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily wrote that Kerne, on the Moroccon coast, was the capital of the Atlantioi, and Plato confirms this empire, ‘though he said it went under 9,000 years before his time, when in reality, it went under about 900 years before his time, at the end of the Ice Age circa 1500 B.C., so the history confirms the ancient Mexican notion that there was an ancient homeland, now submerged, from which the ancients had sailed to the Americas, all “races” of people, not just the Juans’ brown folks, so get a grip Reconquista people, history is not on your side, your Aztlan was actually across the Atlantic, as your ancient books point out, so your claim to the U.S. is even more specious than the Arab claim to the Holy Land because “that’s where the Canaanites used to live.”  At least the Arabs have their geography right, the Aztlan Reconquista people don’t even have that, on top of that the original settlers in the Americas were all “races,” not just “brown people.”

And they navigated and surveyed by the astronomically derived methodolgy based on the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, described here under article #2 at, so check it out.  The ancient Mexicans were great navigators, back when they “could measure the round face of the earth and the arch of the sky,” during a time of “black rain and constant twilight,” during the Ice Age, before Atzlan/Atlan/Atland/Atlantika/Avalon/Attala/Atlantida went under, the ancient Mexican homeland, along with the Frisian Dutch, the Berber Moroccans, and the Spanish Basques, among others, such as the Manding blacks of west Africa and the Formorian Welsh of Cornwall.

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