Original Sin Blood Atonement Animal Sacrifice Lamb of God Fulfillment Old Testament Prophecies Redemption Foreshadowed in Ice Age Bronze Age Tribes of Global Navigators and Megalithic Builders Noah’s Sacrifice Clean Animals Fire Altar

Isn’t it amazing that all the tribes of the world have known and practiced animal sacrifice since their beginnings?  Go into the jungles of southeast Asia, Africa, or the Amazon basin, and you will find sacrifices of animals to various gods.  So why do the gods of these tribes require the shedding of blood?  Isn’t it conterintuitive that life would be ended for other life to flourish?  What kind of a god would require death so that others could live?  Of course, humans sacrifice animals because they know there are powers out there greater than they are, and so, need the protection and mercy from the gods, mercy being the key, to be favored by the hopefully greatest spirit.

That killing to appease a god or gods is counterintuitive makes the biblical account most plausible, as the holy God of the Bible, the Creator God, mysteriously allowed the actual original sin, the iniquity found in the heart of Lucifer, to enter the world through Adam’s sin, requiring the sacrifice of a lamb, whose skin covered Adam and Eve, saving them embarassment of their awareness of their nakedness, which they gained with the knowledge promised by the Serpent, Satan, the fallen Lucifer, and so, death entered into the world, the result of the entrance of sin into the world, through Adam’s disobedience, in eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

This system of sacrifice was kept by the line of Adam’s descendants through Seth (eventually known as the evil one in ancient Egypt) to Noah, who engineered the survival of the eight through the Deluge, with the animals, to repopulate the post Deluge earth, and who sacrificed many of the clean animals after the Ark had landed on the mountains of Ararat, which had poked through the receding Deluge waters, upon which the Ark came to rest.  The animals were roasted and eaten, good animals to eat, sheep and cattle, whose blood was shed at the command of God to symbolize the future shedding of blood by the Messiah, Emanuel, God with us, Jesus Christ, who would incarnate some twenty-three hundred years later, the anticipated Messiah whose life and death were detailed along the way in prophecies by the Old Testament kings, psalmists, and prophets, and so, as much as a third of first century Jerusalem accepted Jesus as Lord, and began the evangelism of the world, only now being fully achieved.

In the centuries after Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth, and their wives, landed in the mountains of Ararat, the Ice Age was ongoing, as the progeny of the the Deluge survivors navigated the oceans, building huge megalithic complexes in various parts of the world, where they exploited gold, pearls, copper, obsidian, and sacrificed animals, to their god or gods, often not acknowledging the creator god, but only gods of forces, such as thunder, or sunshine, or fertility, obviously mere manifestations of the God of the Bible, the judge of sin, who does provide a way out through the Messiah, now becoming known in all the world, as the Jews are coming to realize too, at an increasing rate, that Jesus truly is Emanuel, the Lamb of God, the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies.

The jungles of the remote regions of the world have ancient megalithic structures which the present natives are powerless to explain, but legendary from the time of these huge block fortresses and temples, from the Bronze Age, during the Ice Age, after the Deluge, when the sophisticated navigators settled the globe, establishing populations, many of which, such as in the remote jungles, suffered deteriorated skills through the millennia, and now, await the Good News of Jesus Christ to rationalize their anciently rooted belief in atonement through the blood, the pattern set in the Garden of Eden.

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