Anti Illegal Immigration Hit Song “Manuel Went Down to Georgia” KPRC Radio Mojo 950 AM Houston Walton and Johnson Show Can Illegal Aliens Work Better than Typical American Workers Justifying Illegal Immigration Invasion?

Walton and Johnson, the “radio gawds” of Houston, are playing a great redo of Charlie Daniels’ “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” but this one’s called “Manuel Went Down to Georgia,” about a worker vs. worker duel between illegal alien Manuel  and good ‘ol american Johnny, down in Georgia, a duel to see who can sweep the Walmart parking lot the fastest and best.

With flames emitting from their brooms as they wildly sweep away, with blazing rapidity, the two duel to see if Johnny will lose, and thus must speak Spanish, giving away his country, or if Manuel will lose, and so, have to give up his illegally gained government benefits and money, forced to return to his country of origin.  Of course, Johnny kicks ass, and Manuel returns home, and so it is, Americans are great workers, when paid a decent wage, not eight dollars an hour, which is four times what they make in Central American countries.

Walton and Johnson are speaking out boldly with humor on Houston radio, pointing out the absurdity of our current illegal alien predicament, and ‘though they have yet to endorse a candidate for president, since Rudy would be toughest on illegal immigration, as well as, being very electable in the general election against the democrats’ presidential nominee, I expect Walton and Johnson to support Rudy Giuliani soon, the best person for the job.

And get me on the air with those boys, so I can tell them how the ancient sailors measured the earth by its wobble rate (I’m not kidding); checkout article #2 at, to see that they knew the earth’s wobble rate, 72 years/degree, and so, could practice geometry, the word which means earth measure.


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