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Atlantis did go under when the sea level rose at the close of the Ice Age, when snowpacks, thousands of feet deep on the continents, melted rapidly into the sea, causing sea level to rise about a hundred meters (in a century), the height of a twenty story building, so vast tracts of land were submerged with this calamitous sea level rise, 25 million square miles of prime coastal land during the Ice Age, and some of that, the lands of the ancient Formorians, Tharsins, Minoans, and Greeks, as evidenced with the submerged megalithic ruins found off Greece, Malta, Spain, England, and Morocco, hundreds of sites along the Ice Age coasts of the Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, as well as other locations worldwide, now submerged since the Bronze Age.

The submerged ruins of the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic are from the Ice Age Atlantean Empire, near the Atlas mountains of Morocco, the ancient homeland of the Formoriachi, the Formorians, who had migrated to England during the Ice Age, for the plentiful tin there, to make bronze, all part of the Atlantean Empire, succumbed to the sea circa 1500 B.C., as the evidence indicates.  Read more about all this under category Atlantis Revealed at this website, and see how they sailed all over the world under category Ancient Navigation.  And the underlying thesis behind this model for ancient history can be understood in the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, so check it out, and see that the evidence actually reveals what is not acknowledged by mainstream science.  See

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