What Does “By His Stripes We Were Healed” Mean in Historical Biblical Context from Isaiah 53:5 Timeframe Back to Adam and Forward to Jesus Christ Incarnation for Evangelization of the Jews First Opposed by Preacher John Hagee?

Isaiah 53:5 in the Old Testament of the Bible which says “by his stripes we were healed” was written by the prophet circa 700 B.C., two hundred years after King Solomon, when Israel was struggling with foreign gods and idols which had come into their midst.

The prophet was peering into the future, seeing the stripes from roman lashes on the back of Jesus, Emanuel, God with us, leading up to his crucifixion, but Isaiah says we “were” healed, before 700 B.C., that is, for all who believed on him back in the time of Abraham, and Noah, and even Adam, obviously, as he first sinned, yet received the promise that the Messiah would come to crush the head of the evil one, and so, Adam spilled the blood of a lamb, as sacrifice for sin, presaging that the promised Messiah would be the lamb of God, Jesus.

So believers in the Old Testament looked forward to God being with us, Emanuel, Jesus, and received salvation for that they believed in him, and what he would do when he would come to earth, but now, we look back to the crucifixion and resurrection, Jews too, so they must now receive salvation through Jesus, as we all should, because the apostle Paul said “preach the Gospel to the Jew first and then to the Gentile.”

Evangelist John Hagee is saying that Jews have a different way to salvation than Gentiles, so Hagee’s got half of Paul’s instruction right at least, preaching to the Gentiles, but as Hagee is a big supporter of Israel, it is certainly strange that he doesn’t give them the greatest gift of all, offering them the way to know their long promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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