Frozen Baby Mammoth Siberia Whole Lyuba Presented by Naoki Suzuki of Jikei University Showing at Science Museum Tokyo Mystery of Abrupt Climate Change not Global Warming as Rapidly Entombed then Frozen Wooly Mammoths Prove Christian Genesis Global Flood Model

Frozen whole baby mammoth “Lyuba” is now on display at the Science Museum in Tokyo, frozen, no doubt wowing the crowds there, who get to see a whole mammoth, her hair, eyes, and flesh all intact, because baby Lyuba was frozen whole when the Ice Age ended, but mainstream scientists still can’t explain what caused millions of large animals, many of them wooly mammoths, to have become frozen in vast layers of muck.  They were obviously flooded out and entombed in sediments (the muck), and shortly thereafter frozen, remaining frozen to this day, like Lyuba.

She was discovered by reindeer herdsman Yuri Khudi along the Yuribei River near the northern coast of Siberia.  He named the mammoth after his wife, Lyuba, and wisely reported it to scientists.  Professor Naoki Suzuki of Jikei University officially announced the Lyuba to the world, but he and the other mainstream scientists can’t explain how a whole wooly mammoth could be rapidly frozen in muck ’til discovered by Yuri, it’s a great mystery to them.

Evidently, however, Lyuba was flooded out by the swollen Yuribei River, at the end of the Ice Age, when the Ice Age icepack on Siberia was rapidly melting down, flooding out millions of animals who were grazing on what, until that time, had been vast pastures and forests, the huge volumes of meltwater deposited the animals and vegetative debris in flood sediments (muck).  But why did they freeze so fast to preserve the morphological integrity of the carcasses such as of Lyuba?

Here’s the key, when the Ice Age ended, the cloudcover which had produced all that snowfall during the Ice Age dissipated, but why did the dense Ice Age cloudcover dissipate?  It’s because the oceans had cooled to such a degree that the engine for the dense cloudcover, warmer oceans (heated from below during Noah’s Flood) had lost its fuel (oceans had cooled), so the clouds dissipated, ending the Ice Age.  And with the relatively cloudless skies then, the winters became much colder, and the summers shorter, so the animals froze in the muck, and stayed that way ’til today.

So you can see that the Global Flood Model (see, corroborating the Genesis account, has much diagnostic power for the “mysteries” perplexing modern mainstream scientists.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and checkout the articles here under the category Catastrophic Climate Change, to see that the Ice Age actually ended to cause the end of the “Bronze Age,” and so, the mammoth bones used by the Cimmerians and Ashkenaz, as explained in my documentary Dark Secrets of the Black Sea, can be rationally explained within the biblical perview of history.

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