Literal Genesis Account Evangelicals’ Conundrum for CBN’s Old Earth Creationist Pat Robertson and Family Biblical Morality Leader James Dobson who Must Welcome National Academy of Sciences New Book “Science Evolution and Creationism”

The U.S. government’s National Academy of Sciences has a new book out called; Science Evolution and Creationism, which predicatably derides creationism, whose authors’though muster their supposed authority to state that darwinian/lyellian dogma (the mainstream scientists’ model for earth history) can easily fit within the historical framework of the biblical Genesis narrative, so this must be music to Pat Robertson’s and James Dobson’s ears.

Both internationally famous evangelists poo poo young earth creationism, with Robertson even openly deriding adherents of the Global Flood Model (see, I’ve heard him several times on his tv show say that people who believe and preach what the book of Genesis says, Noah’s Flood, the ten generations from Adam to Noah, and the veracity of the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), are doing a disservice to the cause of Christ, thus implying that old earth creationist Christians should oppose young earth creationists.

Bros Pat and James are certainly on the wrong team on this one, as Robertson’s own CBN News is saying that polls show 61% of Americans believe the biblical creation narrative in the book of Genesis, and that is a poll of Americans across the board, so do Pat’s listeners less believe the Bible’s creation account, perhaps only 41% of Pat’s viewers?  And who’s teaching the full counsel of God here?

Christian networks Daystar and TBN allow airtime for young earth creationists, I’ve appeared on both, but Pat Robertson’s CBN, that I know of, has not, with Robertson openly mocking young earth creationists; Pat needs to read the tea leaves, so to speak, loosen up a bit, and have some of us guys on tv.  I’ll gladly appear, so Pat and I can hash this all out.  I think Pat doesn’t really understand the science, anthropology, and archaeology involved here, so I hope someone refers him to the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!, and note that this young earth creationist figured out how ancients measured and mapped the earth in the Ice Age (see category Ancient Navigation and

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