Ancient Lost Civilizations Puzzle Graham Hancock Message Board Considering Discovery of Old Kingdom Egypt’s Trading Partner Kingdom of Yam Deep in Sahara Desert Indicating Severe Drought with End of Ice Age and Grandeur of Egyptian Megalithic Building

The folks at the message board, there under the category Mysteries, are discussing the “mystery” of the hieroglyphs recently discoverd 700 kilometers west of the Nile Valley, deep in the Sahara Desert, which say that was the Kingdom of Yam, trading partner with Old Kingdom Egypt, selling to Egypt timber and ivory from elephants.  In the middle of the desert?  “How can this be” ask the chat-roomers there in the thread entitled “Fabled Old Kingdom Land of Yam Located 700 Kilometers West of Nile.”  These Hancock chat-roomers think the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C., not circa 1500 B.C., and so, are perplexed at the obvious desertification to end the Yam Kingdom, which happened when Bronze Age Old Kingdom Egypt, with its magnificent megalithic building projects, went into rapid decline, when chaos ensued, as described in the Ipuwer Papyrus.

Sea level rose at this time, a few hundred feet, because the Ice Age ended, submerging megalithic ruins which Hancock documents in his books, but he says megalithic building began before 10000 B.C., built before the sea level rose at his and the mainstreamers’ designated timeframe for the end of the Ice Age circa 10000 B.C.  Such is the speciousness of the mainstream timeline, because in reality, megalithic building began circa 2500 B.C., so those submerged ruins went under after that, and the wet and lush Sahara of the time of Old Kingdom Egypt turned to desert to end the greatness of Egypt, so all the evidence corroborates the Genesis account, with the Ice Age having ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus occured.

Read on at this blogsite, and checkout the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, to see how the Genesis timeline actually fits the evidence, whereas, the mainstream scheme does not fit the evidence in any way, shape, or form, rendering the darwinian/lyellian dogma taught in the public schools essentially useless.  See the big biblical picture of history here

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