Triune God of Hebrews (Jews) Elohim’s Promise to Abraham Fulfilled in Messianic Yeshua (Jesus) as Old Testament Prophecies Manifested with Profound Accuracy

God promised Abraham, circa 2000 B.C., that the Messiah, foreshadowed in Genesis, would come from his lineage, and would bless all the world by showing the way for humankind to know and worship the Creator, and this was manifested when Jesus incarnated and was born in Bethlehem, as knowledge of the Messiah and His fulfillment of a plehtora of prophecies of the Old Testament are now known in all the world.

So Jews are coming to realize and accept the Messiah, Emanuel, God with us, a component of Elohim (God plural), who said “let us make man in our image,” that’s “us” not “me,” so God is a triune being, Holy Spirit, who beckons us, Father, and Son, Emanuel, who came to earth to share our pain, die on the cross, and resurrect so that all who believe on Him shall have everlasting life.

And remember, God says anyone who seeks Him shall in no way be cast out, and he says that those who seek Him find Him, so we are without excuse if we reject the freedom to know God; He tells us just how it’s done, so call on the name of the Lord, with a repentent and desirous heart for Him, and you will be saved.


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