Austin Texas Westlake High School Basketball Squad 2007-2008 Talented but Underutilized Skills of Young Big Men

The 2007-2008 edition of the Austin Westlake high school basketball squad is an intriguing mix of skilled but young big men, nice guards who shoot and handle the ball well, and two excellent young talents, rangy and fast 6’0″ sophomore guard Cody Doolin, who attacks the ball on defense, and 6’6″ sophomore forward Connor Kemper, a leaper with much upside.

Sophomore 6′ 8″ center Gus Leeper blocks shots, rebounds, and shoots a nice jump hook, so he will continue to improve with more games under his belt, as he learns a few more moves inside.  Clarke Allan, a 6’6″ junior, comes off the bench with good passing skills, rebounding, and a sweet jumper; ‘though he currently backs up Leeper in the low post because he also scores consistently inside with good post footwork and a scorer’s mentality.  But Allan would be more effective at high post, shooting the jumper or passing down low to Leeper, or out to the fine wing shooters such as Doolin and 6’2″ junior Cliff Houston, as well as, 6’0″ senior Cameron Barnette, who also really get-after-the-ball on defense.

The team is too talented and skilled to be at their current .500 winning percentage, but should Allan arrive at high post, and Leeper down low, and Doolin and Kemper utilizing their superior athletic skills on both offense and defense, the sky would be the limit for this team.

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