Sexagesimal Numbering System of Ancient Babylonian Astrology Derived from Precession Rate Hexagon Geometry of Great Pyramid of Giza Dimensions to Measure and Thereby Map Earth “Celtic Cross”

To mainstream academics, the origin of the sexagesimal numbering system of the ancient Babylonians is still a mystery, which actually has been solved, but because a young earth creationist (yours truly) solved it, the finding doesn’t have much traction yet, so please refer article #2 under Ice Age Civilizations to all the mathmeticians, cartographers, and ancient historians, whom you may know; it will greatly enhance their knowledge base, showing that geometry really means what it says:  geo metry, earth measure.

The ancient sexagesimal numbering system (base sixty), utilized in our modern timekeeping and nautical mile mapping systems, was based on the measurement of time, not solar time, but precession time in this case, the rate of the slow wobble of the earth’s axis which causes the constellations to appear to slowly move along the horizon, 2,160 years per “house” of the zodiac, the number derived from the system described in article #2 at, measured with the “Celtic Cross,” the system used by the ancients to survey the Great Pyramid of Giza, and to map the earth, during the Ice Age actually, so read on in the various Categories here for great understanding of the truth about the ancient world.  And checkout

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