Yale Paleontology PhD Candidate Tyler Lyson and National Geographic Documentary “Dino Autopsy” Vividly Expose Specious Uniformitarian Rationale for Fossil Entombments of Catastrophic Sedimentation to Preserve Fleshed Out Dinosaur Bodies

Yale PhD candidate Tyler Lyson discovered one of the six “dinosaur mummies” found in modern times, this one excavated from a sandstone layer of a hillside in southwestern North Dakota, described in the now playing documentary “Dino Autopsy” on the National Geographic Channel.  This hadrosaur was rapidly overcome by an aqueous sand flow, and then lithified by percolation of FeCO3 rich waters into the carcass, waters which thereafter must have quickly drained away, to have caused the fossilization of most of this creature: skin, muscles, bones, some organs; a creature rapidly entombed and then fossilized, in an obviously catastrophic event.

Lyson says tellingly that the hadrosaur was entombed in a “flashflood,” a statement which will probably make his Yale profs’ hairdos ignite, because the uniformitarian geologists at Yale, going with the maintream scientific dogma, say that the vast layers of sedimentary rocks which compose much of the geologic column were caused by multiple encroachments of the ocean onto the continents through hundreds of millions of years, supposedly, to gradually cover dead animals in slowly settling sediments in stable shoreline environments.

But as Lyson correctly sees, the creature must have been rapidly entombed in sediments, sand in this case, in a catastrophic flood event, a “flashflood” yes, but of global proportions, actually, because the vast, mostly flat-lying, sedimentary layers, which almost always grade vertically into others, have billions of entombed creatures within, rapidly covered and soon thereafter lithified.  See  http://GlobalFlood.org and certianly too http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html for the dynamics of the Deluge which caused the entombment of billions of creatures, and I hope Tyler Lyson and his Yale profs will read this material too, to make it clear that their uniformitarian model for paleontological history is so badly lacking.  See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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