National Geographic Dinosaur Documentary “Dino Autopsy” (airing Sunday December 9th) and “Leonardo” and other “Mummified” Dinosaurs Indicate Rapid Entombment then Fossilization in Mineral Rich Waters of Catastrophic Flooding

Airing Sunday night, Dec. 9, 2007, on the National Geographic Channel (and probably airing subsequently) is an interesting documentary about a “mummified dinosaur,” one of six which have been discovered, this one duck-billed hadrosaur in North Dakota by a young fossil hound named Tyler Lawson, who has been exploring for fossils for years, sometimes with expert paleontologists.

The fossil is “mummified” in that the creature’s morphological integrity, inside and out, was maintained between the time the animal was flooded out in sediments and water, and the time its body was fossilized by mineral rich waters having percolated through the creature’s body, which lithified when the water shortly thereafter drained away.

I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but you can bet the mainstream scientific experts on it will be hard-pressed to explain the geologic scenario which could have caused such a thing, and National Geographic published an article about another mummified hadrosaur fossil called Leonardo back in 2002, without giving satisfactory reasoning for how this creature and billions of others, 99% of which are marine creatures, could be entombed in vast layers of, deposited in water, sedimentary strata, up on the continents.

However, please read through the blogs under the category Ages of Things here, and avail yourself the free ebook Old Earth? Why Not! at, and you will see that the Global Flood Model fits the evidence, while Darwinian Uniformitarianism is ridiculous, having no explanatory value.  Read

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