Rapid Desertification at End of Ice Age Demonstrated in BBC Article “Eco-ruin Felled Early Society” about Jose Carrion’s Paper in Quaternary Review on Drastic Bronze Age Climate Change in Andalucia Spain of the Atlanteans

The BBC Online published an article entitled “Eco-ruin Felled Early Society,” Nov. 15, 2007, which provides the evidences that a drastic climate change shut-down the Bronze Age townships of Andalucia, in southeastern Spain, which is now mostly desert, but was then lush pastures and forests of oaks and pines, which rapidly dried out when the Ice Age ended, ‘though the mainstream scientists in the article do not acknowledge this obvious deduction, because they are locked into their Darwinian/Lyellian timeline, that “the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C.”

Jose Carrion, scientist at the University of Murcia, took core samples from a bog in the Sierra de Baza highlands, and the core samples showed pollen from dense oak and pine forests, and pollen from diverse pasture plantlife, followed by soot in the core samples, from apparent vast burning to clear forests for farming, and followed then by low pollen counts reflective of the current dry climatic regime.

Carrion figures the Bronze Age townships there in southeastern Spain were built circa 2300 B.C., and declined rapidly circa 1600 B.C., right on both counts, but he and the BBC want us to believe that the burning of the forests for pastureland had much to do with the desertification of southern Spain, however, they full well know that just because some forests are burned in a region does not mean the rainfall declines by about 400%, as it did at that time when, in reality, the Ice Age was ending.

Carrion’s paper was published in the prestigious mainstream periodical, the Quarternary Review, but don’t look for them to conclude that the end-of-the-Ice-Age climate change was responsible, as they say that the drastic change was just a fairly minor cyclical type deal, all 400% of that rainfall reduction which caused the end of the Bronze Age!

And of course, with the submerged Bronze Age megalithic building ruins found offshore southern Spain (in the Gulf of Cadiz and east of Gibraltar too), they would never think to equate the climate change which ended the Bronze Age with the sea level rise which submerged the Bronze Age megaliths now found off Tarifa, Huelva, Chipiona, and Rota, among other locations, because those are of the Atlantean Empire, “and everybody knows that’s just mythology.”

More on Atlantis here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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