Atlantean Posidon’s Son Anteus Namesake of Andes Mountains and Ancient Antisuyo Tribe in Secret Cities of Old South America by Harold T. Wilkins

I’ve been thumbing through an old book by Harold T. Wilkins called Secret Cities of Old South America, discussing the ancient Bronze Age civilization which inhabited the mining districts of the Mato Grasso Plateau and Brazilian Highlands, sophisticated megalithic builders, whose cities’ ruins are reported in great detail by Wilkins.

Wilkins explains that mainstream archaeologists back the 1800’s and 1900’s readily acknowledged these 4,000 year old cities’ ruins along streams of the highlands of central and eastern Brazil, in the rich mining districts there, but today, one is a “crazed renegade” to even suggest such a thing in mainstream academic circles.

These were mining citadels built by the Atlanteans, for copper, gold, silver, and tin, ore production, some of which, no doubt, was shipped back to the “home office,” the City of Posidon, now submerged just west of Gibraltar, one of at least four possible locations, the concentric canal city on the southern Spanish coast, now submerged, described by Plato in Critias and Timaeus.

One of the sons of Posidon (Father Sidon) was Anteus, his homeport city is now submerged off Lixus, Morocco, submerged too when the Ice Age ended, and as a great navigator, the Antilles are his namesake, and too, apparently, the Andes Mountains, as tribes on the eastern slope of the northern Andes are the Antisuyos, from Antis, across the ocean to the east, the Atlantic, which was named after Anteus’ brother, Atlas, both sons of Sidon, who was a son of Canaan, a grandson of Noah.

Because mainstream scientists won’t acknowledge the global navigation and metallurgy which was ongoing in the 2000 B.C. timeframe, they are forced to not study these evidences, to ignore them, to not see the continuity of it all, for you see, to acknowledge this would corroborate the historicity of the Bible, with the Ice Age having ended at the time of the Exodus, when sea level rose, and the climate dried out, ending the “Bronze Age,” when the great mass migrations in the ancient world occured, which the mainstream scientists can’t explain with their model, demontrated graphically here

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