Kentucky State Naturalist Carey Tichenor Explores Tourists’ Interest in Genesis Veracity at Answers in Genesis’ Young Earth Creationism Museum

State of Kentucky naturalist, Carey Tichenor, reports that she and her staff, who give nature tours for the State of Kentucky, often receive comments from tourists that much of the ancient natural history which they teach during the tours is not good science, predicated upon unknowable assumptions, and actually not backed by the evidence.

So who are these audacious characters?  Tichenor says they often are people who have visited the Creation Museum of Answers in Genesis in Florence, Kentucky, and because of this barrage of comments, she took 18 of her staff with her to investigate the Museum on Nov. 1, to see what all the fuss is about.

She says they just want to understand the young earth creationist position, to better respond, without casting aspersions (one way or the other) on an individual’s religion, so it’s good that they want to investigate the science of the Global Flood Model, which actually is a model which has much more explanatory value than that espoused by conventional scientists, and will probably make believers out of some of them.

It is wonderful that AIG is rousing such debate in the public forum, but they could be doing so much more by helping me disseminate the material outlined at this blogsite, the submerged ruins, ancient earth-measure by astronomy, and climate change to collapse the Bronze Age, however, they ignore me and my work, professional jeolosy I’m afraid, so please rattle their cage and tell them to help Nienhuis distribute this information.  Thank you.  And for a good overview of the big picture, see

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