Professing Bible Believer Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Stumbles Adam Eve Genesis Veracity Questions from Mocking Bill O’Reilly Bill Maher

Bill O’Reilly asked presidential candidate and Christian Mike Huckabee if he believes that Adam and Eve were real people, as the Bible describes, and Huckabee responded yes, but held out the possibility that the six days of creation were actually billions of years, in conformity with mainstream science which rejects Biblical history.  So do you see how foolish and ignorant Christians can appear when they proclaim their belief in the Genesis account, without giving even just a few of the bountiful evidences which support what the Genesis account clearly says?

Bill Maher used the same line of questioning with Huckabee, with a similar response, so because Huckabee says he leans toward the plain reading of Genesis, with the earth and universe being only about 6,000 years old (but holds out the “possibility” that mainstream science is right about the history of the earth and universe), Maher concluded that America doesn’t need a President who is irrationally torn between his religious beliefs and science.

Poor Huckabee was like a lamb to the slaughter, proclaiming almost unabashed belief in the Genesis account, but giving no good reasons to believe it other than what it says, and that made him appear quite irrational, which is what happens to Christians who can’t back up their belief in the plain history reported in Genesis with sound scientific and historical reasoning.

Huckabee says not to worry about his Genesis beliefs, since he “won’t be writing eighth grade science textbooks as President,” but if he knew some of the evidences corroborating and upholding his somewhat tepid belief in plain Genesis, he might be able to opinionate on how the topic of origins should be handled in the public schools, for instance, as he says he doesn’t believe that he morphed from a monkey as the Darwinists say, he could cite the biological plausibility of the relatively few syngameons of animals having been on Noah’s Ark, and why Darwin’s term “species” is actually meaningless vis-a-vis the syngameon concept.

If you’re gonna say that you believe what Genesis says, you’d better be able to say why, beyond what the words in it say, because if you can’t, you’ll be accused of being intellectually dishonest, as “you believe an ancient book of fairytales, written by ignorant shepherds, but if it is real history, then surely you can cite scientific evidence supporting it.”

Somebody ask Huckabee to checkout this blogsite, then he might have some cogent answers for his mockers, rather than just sitting there looking like an intellectually dishonest Christian who wants to try to appease the people of faith and the people of mainstream science (in saying that Genesis “could be describing billions of years”).  He’d better prepare himself for that Noah’s Flood question which is sure to come, could be ugly.

He should see, refer him please.

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