Ancient Zapotec Warriors of Ancestor and Deluge Survivor Coxcox were Global Flood Geologists so No Problem with Genesis Flood Geology of Exposed Sedimentary Rock Cliff Faces

Imagine a company of Bronze Age Zapotec warriors roaming the mountainsides of southern Mexico, coming to a cliff face of sedimentary (deposited in water) layers of rock, sandstones, shales, limestones.  And in the rock cliff face, they see entombed clams, snails, maybe a few fish, all fossils from the Deluge of which they knew well from the time of their post Deluge ancestor, Coxcox, Noah of the Bible.

So those warriors, seeing that the creatures were obviously entombed in muds ranging from sandy loams (sandstone) to clay deposits (shales), undoubtedly noted this as evidence of the global Deluge which Coxcox, his wife, and many animals, survived in a vessel which floated on the waters which covered the earth for a time, entombing all those flooded creatures in the sediments, the fossils which we see today in rocks.

The Zapotec warrior/geologists were more in tune with real geology than are the uniformitarian geologists who scheme with the Darwinists for a timeline which makes the Bible seem obsolete, but however, as you read some more posts here, you’ll see that the Zapotecs were right, and that their ancient homeland was the Atlantis (Atlantic) which Plato wrote about, not the desert southwest of the U.S., as many anti U.S. propagandists say.

So be sure to see

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