Vino Vitae Scandinavian Wine Grapes of Bronze Age Reveals Warmer Coastlines of Ice Age from Geothermally Heated Oceans for Global Canopy of Clouds and Temperate Climate Nearshore in Extreme Latitudes for Wine Making

I just read that the Bronze Age Scandinavians grew grapes, heard of any Swedish wine lately?  I didn’t think so, nor have I, but with the warmer oceans of the Ice Age, those Scandinavian coastline areas were much warmer than today, with dense cloud-cover, and ocean water temps around 70 degrees F., having been heated from Noah’s Flood, through the “fountains of the deep.”

In the interior of Scandinavia during the Ice Age, the snowpack was building, far from the warm oceans at the coast, where the grapes were being grown, when the climate was temperate, with much more dense cloud-cover for warmer winters, so the grapes could grow, amazing.

And after that time, archaeologists acknowledge the drastic climate change to the polar-like conditions of today, when the Bronze Age collapsed worldwide, when the sea level rose and the skies dried out, at the end of the Ice Age, because the oceans had cooled for less evaporation to form the dense cloud-cover of the Ice Age.

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