Global Cloud Cover During Ice Age Caused Warmer Winters Cooler Summers for Bronze Age Civilizations Worldwide More Rainfall in Middle Latitudes which Watered Present Day Deserts of the World

The Ice Age required a prodigous amount of water in the atmosphere to have fallen as snow and sleet for the massive snow and ice buildup of the Ice Age icepacks, which covered the interiors of continental landmasses in the more extreme latitutdes, and on the mountains even in the middle latitudes, and with this dense global cloud-cover, it rained much more in the middle latitudes, below the Ice Age snowline of the mountains there, above which it snowed.

The deserts of the Sahara and Middle East were rich lands of lakes and streams, such as in the northern Sahara, just after the Ice Age, Jason and the Argonauts were blown into Lake Tritonis at Syrtis, Tunisia, where the huge inland Lake Tritonis connected to the Mediterranean during the Ice Age, but was drying up at Jason’s time circa 1300 B.C., still somewhat navigable even then however, now Sahara Desert sand.

The lakes and streams in those now desert regions were fed by much greater rainfall from the dense cloud-cover of the Ice Age, 30 to 40 inches of rain per year, where now, they receive less than 10.  And with that dense cloud-cover, the summers where much cooler, now it’s well over 100 degrees F. in the summer, the clouds shielded the sun during the Ice Age to allow only 85 degree summer days, much cooler, refreshed by the frequent rains.

And that dense cloud-cover caused warmer winters in the now dry and blustery wastelands of western Asia, with much more rainfall, lush greenery, with mild winters, where now are dreadfully cold winters on those arid and barren steppes, so almost all of western Asia, the Middle East, and the Sahara, were rich pasture-lands and forests during the Ice Age, with relatively temperate climates, warmer winters and cooler summers, for the Bronze Age to have flourished. 

Mainstream scientists acknowledge that a massive climate change ended the Bronze Age, they just can’t say why it happened, but the Global Flood Model provides the answer, the engine for the Ice Age was warmer oceans, geothermally heated, and when the oceans had cooled to today’s temperatures, the Ice Age ended, Hydrology 101.

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