This Red Headed Stranger not Willie Nelson’s Tune nor Hollywood’s Carrot Top but Pale Complected Ice Age “Neanderthal” Like Tocharians of Western China and Atlanteans of Western Europe

Scientists have determined that so-called Neanderthals were sometimes redheaded with pale complexions (and blue or green eyes no doubt).  So do you suppose they had freckles too?  Oh wait, male and female Neanderthals supposedly had hair on their Planet-of-the-Apes-like faces, so I guess freckles are out.

“Neanderthals” have been found ritually buried with musical instruments, jewelry, and totems, so they were definitely not monkey-men, but were fully human, long-lived, just after the Deluge (for about ten generations), and low on vitamin D because of the Ice Age conditions, so they had rickets and classic aging features, just plain humans who lived longer, and in the rainy Ice Age environment along the southern edge of the Ice Age icepack.

The redheaded strangers were discovered in Italy and Spain, which was part of Atlantean Empire during the Ice Age, and the Berbers and Tuaregs of the Atlas Mountains of northwest Africa are often redheads, descended from the Atlanteans, as their own folklore confirms, so apparently, even some Atlanteans, in the high mountains, didn’t eat enough fish for Vitamin D, and so, suffered rickets in the cloudy environment during the Ice Age.

The ancient Tocharians of Ice Age western China (Tarim Basin, huge lake during Ice Age) were also redheads, great horsemen with Bronze Age toolmaking skills, so I would bet that some of them have shown Neanderthal features, but of course, if they have, you could bet that it wouldn’t be reported because that would say that “Neanderthals” actually lived during the Bronze Age, and the mainstreamers certainly couldn’t have that. 

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