Mystery of Atlantis Solved by Young Earth Creationism Model as Atlanteologists Rack Their Brains and Mainstream Scientists Mock the Whole Concept of Global Navigation during the Ice Age

I marvel at the toil and anguish which Atlanteologists endure as they try to reconcile the information about Atlantis with their mainstream premise that the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C.  They scramble and squirm, flummoxed, yet knowing Plato didn’t just make-up the whole story of Atlantis, because there is so much corroborating evidence of it from other ancient sources, so they press on to solve the puzzle.

But look here!  Who would deny that with a 1500 B.C. end of the Ice Age, all the submerged ruins (some of Atlantis near Gibraltar), and the Bronze Age culture, described by Plato, of the people of the Atlantean Empire, encompassing the western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic, fits nicely with what we know about the ancient world?

And when you consider that the City of Posidon, later called the City of Atlas (Atlantis), was an “island” city within three concentric canals for ships, the concentric rings connected to the sea by a five mile canal, you can see that somewhere off the southern coast of Spain, submerged by the sea level rise at the end of the Ice Age, are the ruins of Atlantis.  Many megalithic ruins have been found there, off Chipiona, Rota, Tarifa, and Huelva (as well as, several locations off Morocco, France, and Libya).

If only the mainstream scientists and Atlanteologists would treat this as a viable hypothesis, then we could go about the business of learning much more about the Bronze Age cultures which were decimated by catastrophic drought and the drastic sea level rise when the Ice Age ended, it’s almost as plain as the nose on your face, but because this corroborates the Genesis model, don’t hold your breath that this will be frontpage news anytime soon.

And because the mainstreamers say the Atlanteologists are nuts because they believe Atlantean navigators were sailing all over the world “12,000 years ago,” they fail to relate my finding in article #2 at to ancient navigation vis-a-vis the precession-rate-derived dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and thereby, ignore the foolproof finding, and also try to sweep under the rug the submerged ruins of sophisticated megalithic walls, temples, and citadels, found at hundreds of locations around the world.  See too

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