Freedom of Choice Act before Congress Would Negate Tenth Amendment States’ Rights to Limit Abortion or Make It Illegal on State by State Basis

Fetus means child in Latin, the pro abortion folks won’t tell you this, so when they say fetus, think baby, it’s what the word means, therefore, in desiring the passage of the Freedom of Choice Act, now before Congress, they seek to eliminate individual states’ rights to limit abortions of babies, and thereby, partial birth abortion bans, mandatory parental notification of a teenager’s desire to abort, and any other conditions and limitations on abortions, would be made illegal with this legislation, so contact your Congressional representatives to tell them what you think about this.

Abortion law should be left to each state to decide, it’s not discussed in the U.S. Constitution, so according to the Tenth Amendment, this issue is a state issue, not to be dealt with at the federal level, which seems fair, doesn’t it?  But the pro abortion people know that many states would make the procedure illegal (except in the case of rape or incest), so they have been sneaking around the Constitution to get their way, making a mockery of Constitutional law.

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