Kansas Marine Dinosaurs Portrayed in IMAX “Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure” by National Geographic can’t Rationalize Fossil Record of the Genesis Flood

Dinosaur means terrible lizard, and those were certainly terrible lizards, huge swimming lizards, which are portrayed in “Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure” now playing at IMAX in various cities.  

The story goes that 80 million years ago, sea level was thousands of feet higher, and so, the central U.S. was a huge bay of the Gulf of Mexico.  Most of the fossils referenced to reconstruct the huge marine reptiles in the show are from western Kansas, with an elevation of about 2,000 feet above sea level, so the sea level must have been at least 4,000 feet higher “80 million years ago,” to have covered the Great Plains of the U.S. with a thousand feet or so of ocean water for those deep divers to have freely maneuvered to great depths, as illustrated in the show.

So why did the sea level rise about a mile to cover half the U.S.?  They won’t say in the show, because mainstream scientists can’t logically explain how that could have happened, according to their Darwinian/Lyellian model.  And when you consider that the fossils in western Kansas were discovered in the shallowest rock strata, that leaves the thousands of feet of also flat-lying sedimentary rock layers below the shallowest strata, so when were those sedimentary layers deposited?  Millions of years before?  If so, why are there no erosion horizons within the geologic column reflecting ostensible ancient river valleys up which the transgressing ocean rose, on which was deposited the new sedimentary layers?

And how did those free swimming deep ocean reptiles become fossils?  When a large animal dies today in water, the scavengers pounce, bacteria immediately begin to invade, the creature often floats and bloats, and within a matter of months, at most, there’s no sign of the creature, so the creatures were obvioulsy rapidly entombed in sediments (in the Deluge), and the water drained away into the deepening ocean basins at the end of the Deluge (see GlobalFlood.org).

The mainstream model provides no logical rationale for the geologic record of fossils, while the sequence of entombments in the fossil record is nicely explained by the Global Flood Model, as you can see, so ask some hard questions, and the GFM will make sense of it, try it yourself.  And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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