Aztec Land Became Mexico City Region circa 1300 A.D. so No Claim to U.S. Southwest

The Aztec people, named after Aztlan (see category Atlantis Revealed), built their huge city on the site of current Mexico City beginning at around 1300 A.D., two centuries before the first European settlers came to the Americas, according to most historians, so the Aztecs were entrenched in south central Mexico, a thousand miles south of the present U.S., when the Conquistadors came over to ransack their kingdom in the 1500’s.

The Aztecs were nowhere near the present U.S. when the first Europeans encountered them, so the claim to “Aztlan in the U.S.” is once again shown to be historically specious, like the other false arguments that Aztlan is supposedly the U.S. Southwest, so familiarize yourself with this material.  The illegal immigrant deal is being fostered by the propagation of this fraudulent rendering of history, let’s set the record straight.

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