Precession Number 144,000 Jewish Evangelists Shows God Uses His Design for His Purposes and Humans’ Benefit

In the future, perhaps sooner than later, there will be 144,000 Jews who are raised up by God to further evangelize the world, after the Antichrist has risen to power, so they will be as a thorn in his eye, and they will succeed, preaching the Gospel in all the world, that millions will be saved.

There are 7,200 nautical miles which compose the diameter of the Earth, now double that number, and you get 14,400, which is the number of Great Pyramid base perimeter lengths (half a nautical mile) which compose the diameter of the Earth.  So with 144,000 Jewish evangelists, you get 10 evangelists per Great Pyramid base-perimeter-length for 144,000 for the breadth of the Earth, all the world, so to speak.

And that the design of the universe would be just so, for the rate of precession to allow the ancients to measure and thereby map the globe with great precision, shows that there must be a benevolent designer behind all this, Who will use this design to denominate the precession number of Jewish evangelists, 144,00 of them, who will preach in all the world.  Checkout

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