New York Magazine Cover Bill Clinton as Jackie Onassis for First Gentleman Role

The upcoming edition of New York Magazine has Bill Clinton on the cover dressed in drag, dressed and coiffed like first ladies Jackie Onassis or Lady Bird Johnson, leading hilariously into an article about the potential “First Laddie” (what Bill’s scottish friend supposedly suggested) to serve in the White House.

I still can’t believe no one is yet referring to his potential future role as that of the First Gentleman, which is the opposite of First Lady, First Gentleman.  This almost alone is reason to take pause about the possibility that Bill could be hanging out at the White House, taking deliveries from Hooters Girls, mugging in the Rose Garden with his poker buddies, and oh the Lincoln Bedroom, maid service please!

C’mon folks, can we endure four or eight years of that?  Sure, the comedians would love it, and People Magazine, the National Enquirer, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Baker (hilarious Houston talk show host), among many others, but do we want Bill walking into formal occasions, being announced during his grand entry as “the First Gentleman?”  It’s too much to bear, even for many Democrats.

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