Detecting Design by Sean D. Pitman M.D. Shows Compelling Noah’s Flood Evidence and Reasons to Doubt Darwin’s Scheme

I was perusing Graham Hancock’s chat room, and a link to a fabulous article on the nature of sedimentary deposits of the geologic column was posted there which vividly exposes the absurdity of the Darwinian scheme for biology and the suppsedly billions of years old earth history.  Certainly see  (Note that Darwin’s classification term species is meaningless while sygameons, the erstwhile biblical kinds of animals, is a term of much analytic value.)

It is an extremely compelling article, the best I’ve ever seen on the subject, so please take the time to check it out.  It will blow your mind, an eye-opening experience, but why don’t we hear this information in the classrooms and on the mainstream media?  Is it not science?  If not, then what is it?  Challenge your university professors with it.

And see

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