Science Chat Rooms, Hall of Maat, Graham Hancock, and Sciforums Lose Young Earth Creation Debates

After several years of presenting and defending in science chat rooms the evidences that the Ice Age ended later than popularly imagined, that the ancients were measuring and mapping the globe during the Ice Age, and that the Ice Age MUST have been caused by “paradoxically” warmer ocean waters, I am a certified veteran of the chat room wars, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Among many others from which I have been banned for too successfully defending these positions are the chat rooms at,, and  When this young earth creationist, with this information, came into those chat rooms, first they greeted me with sarcastic anticipation of “crushing another YEC,” then when it began to sink in that their rebuttals make no sense, they became more shrill and strident, beginning the name-calling and character assasination, then the proverbial “weak-minded Christian who needs a crutch” line and adjectives labeled me such as feeble-minded, deluded, bigot, charlatan, deviant, the whole bit.

And of course, as the chat room moderators there are by their own admission adherents of the mainstream timeline for ancient history, they did nothing to mitigate the personal attacks and often joined in.  “Fuzzy,” a moderator at Hancock’s chat room, recently posted to a thread where somebody linked to my blog site, that “Nienhuis was frowned upon when he participated here,” well duh?!

Even Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research, who propone the timeline which I propone, have their heads in the sand about this information, so I hope that many of you contact them to ask why they are asleep at the wheel about the information which Nienhuis is disseminating.

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