Jesus is Young Earth Creationist because He is the Word

Jesus (the Word, Who dwelt among us) spoke of Old Testament history in tones that it was real history, talking about His re-coming to Earth on a future day when it would be as it was in the days of Noah, and then sudden destruction would come upon them, as it did in the days of Noah, when the Deluge destroyed that wicked world, leaving Noah and his family living on the Ark as symbolic of the body of Christ, the real Church, which will be saved.

So to deny that the Deluge was a global disaster is to deny the meaning of Jesus’ words, it is to deny that the Good News is to be preached in all the world, which has almost been accomplished, with the “end times” to follow, leading up to Christ’s reign on Earth of a thousand years.  To deny the Flood of Noah’s time is to deny the global intent of Jesus for evangelism.

The people before the Deluge had good reason to mock Noah as he was building his Ark high on dry land, it had never rained on Earth, just mist and subterranean streams which fed the surface to water the Earth and its inhabitants, so when Noah said the Earth would be flooded, those people listening saw that as foolish and impossible.

Well when we look at the geologic strata today, vast sedimentary layers, stacked like pancakes, and usually grading into each other, with billions of creatures (fossils) entombed therein, we have the benefit of the evidence to see that the Deluge did in fact happen, so when Jesus said it shall be in the last days as it was in the days of Noah, we can know that He means business now, as He did when the Deluge occurred.

Jesus treated the Old Testament as being authentic history, all the way back to the creation week and Adam, so why do many Christians say Genesis history is not real history?  Is it because they have been intimidated by “good” science?  Christians, equip yourselves to defend Old Testament history, the keystone of the Biblical message, for without a solid foundation, Genesis, the teachings of the New Testament, in many cases, are rendered senseless.  Do not build your house on sand.

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