Ice Age Hydrology Requires Submarine Heating of Oceans for Engine of Unique Hydrologic Cycle

Modern scientists have almost unanimously said that the atmosphere during the Ice Age was colder, well, they’re half right, it was cooler during the summers, because of the dense cloud-cover, but it was warmer during the winters, also because of the dense cloud-cover.

So what caused that dense cloud-cover?  Any student of hydrology will tell you it was because of evaporation off the oceans, it’s only commonsense.  And why were the oceans warmer?  If it was from global warming, the increased resultant cloud-cover would have cooled the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism, so the ocean water must have been heated from below, through fissures in the oceanic crust, as occurred during Noah’s Flood, “the fountains of the deep” spoken of were the fissures, the mid-oceanic rift zones.

So the scientists who say it was colder during the Ice Age are saying that the Arctic was actually colder back then, but frozen in the mud and muck of the coastal Arctic are millions of large grazing animals, elephants, elk, and cattle, entombed when the Ice Age ended.

The Ice Age ended when the dense cloud-cover of it dissipated, because the warmer post Deluge ocean water had cooled to about today’s temperatures, so the current climate regime kicked in at that point, dry to be deserts throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Pakistan, and the Central Asia, but it was much different there during the Ice Age, which ended circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus occurred.

And when the Ice Age ended, the snow melted rapidly, pouring flooding water down the river valleys, and swamping the creatures in the Arctic region, entombing them in mud to then freeze, because the clouds were gone, so the winters in the Arctic became much colder, and the summers warmer but short, so there remain those multidudes of bones from those flooded-out victims of the end of the Ice Age.

The Ice Age by heated ocean water from below, not from atmospheric heating, as that would have resulted in the negative feedback mechanim of the cloud-cover, only submarine heating of the ocean water can explain the engine for the hydrologic cycle during for the Ice Age.  Be sure to checkout

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