Ivy League Young Earth Creationists Question Darwin’s Dogma

I am an Ivy League graduate, Dartmouth College, class of ’76, B. Sc. Earth Sciences, but yet, the antagonistic Darwinian dogmatists whom I encounter stoop to call my intellect incoherent, delusional, or even nefarious.  They can’t defeat the message, so they smear the messenger, a common ploy of desperation, and yet, it’s all they’ve got.

Now I didn’t set the world ablaze with my intellectual prowess at Dartmouth, but I did ok, and obviously, grew to appreciate the issues at hand, as I thank God that I’ve been able to see through all the smoke and mirrors of the highly specialized, and so, compartmentalized and therefore ignorant-of-the-big-picture loyalists to the Darwinian cause.  They defer anything out of their area of expertise to the next “expert,” who then defers to the next “expert,” a huge maze of obfuscation to dazzle the seeker with airs of their authority, as they are “the real scientists.”

But more and more Ivy League scientists all the time are seeing the reality about our ancient history.  Renowned geophysicist John Baumgardner (Princeton), who worked many years as a lead scientist at Los Alamos Laboratories, helps lead the way, along with Kurt Wise (Harvard), who studied Darwinism under Stephen Gould.

Last night I heard a prophecy on TV that the old Christian colleges of the east coast, the Ivy League Schools, will soon experience the fires of evangelism and conversion, so hold on to your hats, the word is getting out.  And don’t worry, no scientific innovation was ever predicated upon Darwinian theory, and the Genesis notion of syngameons will lead to many interesting discoveries in biology.

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