Alpha Draconis Down Descending King’s Passage of Great Pyramid Corroborates Genesis Account

The descending “air shaft” down to the King’s Chamber within the Great Pyramid of Giza was aligned to the polar Dragon Star, Alpha Draconis, in 2141 B.C., so the Great Pyramid was designed to freeze that date within the design of it.

Because of precession (the slow wobble of the Earth’s axis), the polestar which was Alpha Draconis when the Great Pyramid was built changes during the cycling of the Earth’s axis, as the Earth would wobble once in 25,920 years, the Great Year of Plato, so the alignment of that “air shaft” of the Great Pyramid used the pole star then, Alpha Draconis, to establish the alignment to true north, not magnetic north, true north being impossible to establish without the ability to measure east-west distances by measuring time (see article #2 at

The “72 Conspirators against Osiris” in Egyptian lore represents the rate of precession, 72 years/degree, so we know the Egyptians were precession measurers, having built their edifice to that methodology, the Great Pyramid of Giza, in the Genesis timeframe, a few hundred years after the Deluge, during the Ice Age.  And certainly see too

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