Video of Submerged Dwaraka Ruins

It’s spelled Dwaraka or Dwarka, see some of the submerged ruins of the first Dwarka at may take you to the cover page, if so, enter and click on history then Dwaraka),  scroll down to just below the second picture which is of “Krishna Kanhiya,” and click on “Lost/submerged ruins of Dwaraka.”  Go to minute 6 of the video if you’re in a hurry (it’s about 10 minutes long), but it’s a nice little documentariette all the way through.

The old, now submerged, Dwaraka was also known as Kusushthali, named after the Kush of the Bible, the namesake also of the Hindu-Kush Mountains, and the Bay of Kutch, and you will see many other Biblical names popping up as we study ancient history and geography, such as, that Posidon means Father Sidon, and Sidon was a son of Canaan, a son of Ham, as was Kush.

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