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Chris Matthews says tonight that polls show Hillary will beat Obama about 57% to 43% (after the debate last night in Pennsylvania), and this, because Hillary began Obama’s undoing in that debate, beginning the discussions of Obama’s “seal of approval,” by association, for his strange bedfellows Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, James Cone, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga, and all the others about whom you can read by googling those names in association with Obama’s.  You will see that Obama is the candidate whom our enemies in the islamic world would love to see become U.S. president, so it’s a no brainer that Obama is completely unelectable, which the democrat superdelegates are noting, no doubt. 

And Matthews’ polls probably do not properly factor-in the tens of thousands of Operation Chaos (Rush Limbaugh) accolytes, who could push Hillary’s total up to near 60%; bad news for Obama going into the primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, which will cause a panic in the democrat party as they will know that the fight will go on to the convention, making Limbaugh’s recent idea that the Democrats may end-up selecting neither Obama nor Hillary very plausible, as they would opt instead for somebody who will not be such easy prey for McCain as surely would be either Hillary or Obama, with their many serious character and political liabilities for success in the presidential general election, let alone a democrat primary process victory.

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