Why Protestants Question Mormon and Catholic Candidates is Their Bible Add Ons

Team Mitt Romney is up in arms that conservative Protestant Christians aren’t embracing their candidate, and they feign to not know why, but it is very obvious to Protestants that because the Mormon religion has added much text after Revelation (the Revelation of Jesus Christ), any candidate who supports such is not seen as a friend of New Testament Christianity, certainly a factor to consider when selecting a candidate.

Roman Catholicism has also added-on to the Bible after the Book of Revelation, but because Roman Catholicism is so widespread in America, candidates of that religion are no longer questioned to such a degree, but Protestants do prefer non “add on” candidates, all things being equal, and of course, some Americans would prefer an Atheist President, but that probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Nor for a Mormon President, as there are not nearly as many Mormons as Roman Catholics in the U.S, so Romney doesn’t have much of a chance in the primaries, in my opinion, but we shall see.

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